Vector Borne Disease of Banana (Kokkan) and Their Management


  • Aditya Kumar Sharma Dept. of Agril. Entomology, Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture & Technology, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh (229 224), India
  • Shailendra Kumar Mishra Dept. of Agril. Entomology, Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda, Uttar Pradesh (210 001), India


Aphid control, Banana diseases, Integrated pest management, Virus-free planting material


Banana (Musa spp.) cultivation is threatened by vector-borne diseases, notably Banana Kokkan disease, which is spread by four species of aphids. BBTV, a key concern, reduces bunch weights and fruit quality, often leading to fruit rejection and unmarketable, malformed bunches. Effective management includes using virus-free planting material, controlling aphid populations and employing biological agents. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is essential, combining resistant varieties, cultural practices and minimal insecticide use. Key vector management strategies include regular field sanitation, early detection monitoring, promoting natural predators and farmer education. These methods ensure effective disease control and sustainable banana production.


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Sharma, A.K. and Mishra, S.K. 2024. Vector Borne Disease of Banana (Kokkan) and Their Management. Biotica Research Today. 6, 6 (Jun. 2024), 321–323.



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