Peer-Review Policy

All the manuscripts submitted to Biotica Research Today will be subjected to a double-blinded peer-review process. In this model, reviewers and the authors both do not know the identities of each other. We believe this process is the best way to ensure the fairest reviews and opinions on papers.

Initial Evaluation/ Technical Review

After successful submission of manuscript by author, the manuscript is first sent to the English editor. The English editor checks the journal format, typographical mistakes. The editor is very much concerned with the data processing format and relevant details. This time taken by initial reviewing process depends on the level of accuracy followed by author in compliance with the journal format. Manuscripts are rejected at this stage if have poor grammars or English language, or are outside the aims and scope of the journal, or not written in accordance with the journal's guidelines. We strongly suggest author to go through carefully on the Instruction for Authors of each journal and download the published articles for reference. The article with comments (if any) by English editor is sent to author for further revision. After fulfilling comments by the English editor, author resend (upload) the manuscript to journal administrator.

The Editor(s) evaluates all the manuscripts. Manuscripts rejected at this stage if insufficiently original, have serious scientific flaws, or are outside the aims and scope of the journal, or not written in accordance with the journal's guidelines. Those that meet the minimum criteria are forwarded to at least 2 experts for review.


Generally, all the manuscripts are reviewed by a minimum of two suitable external experts in the respective subject area. The reports of all the reviewers will be considered while deciding on acceptance/ revision or rejection of a manuscript, but the ultimate responsibility for acceptance or rejection lies with the Editorial Board. Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision.

Author's Suggestion for the Reviewer

The authors can suggest five peer-reviewers (any two will be selected by the board) as per the following criteria;

  • The suggested reviewers should have higher academic standing in the subject area of the submitted article and the same should be reflected in terms of their publications.
  • The suggested reviewers should not be from the authors' own institute or from past affiliations.
  • Authors must provide the institutional/ academic email addresses of the suggested reviewers.
  • Authors must provide the academic profile pages of the suggested reviewers.
  • The journal reserves the right NOT to choose any reviewer from the suggested list.

In case, authors challenge the editor's negative decision with suitable arguments, the manuscript can be sent to one more reviewer and the final decision will be made based upon his/her recommendations.

Time taken from submission to publication depends on the time taken by author and reviewing team. With the high inflow of articles for journals, the reviewing process may be delayed little than normal time. You can read article history to understand the average processing time.

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