Plagiarism Policy

For every Journal, the peer review process is at the heart of the success of publishing. As part of our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the peer review process, The Research Biotica would like to ensure that all published articles are within the accepted level of plagiarism. The Journal uses the very well and widely accepted Plagiarism Detection tool, Turnitin. All the submitted manuscripts are first subjected to Plagiarism check and then the Publishing cycle begins.

In case, plagiarism is detected during review/ editorial process, such manuscript(s) will be rejected immediately and we can also consider other steps depending upon the seriousness of the case. If the plagiarism is proven after publication, such manuscript(s) will be removed from our website and appropriate announcement will be placed in this regards. We can also consider appropriate action against authors depending upon the seriousness of the case. It includes;

  1. Debarring the authors from publication in the future.
  2. We can bring such instants to the notice of the author's funding agencies, the author's institutes (where they work), and to the original authors whose work has been plagiarized.

COPE flow charts (please follow the below link) shall also be considered while dealing with plagiarism complaints.

Please report the plagiarism if any to